RECREATIONAL TRADING CARDS are knowledge based pictorial cards specific to hiking trails along the Mountain Loop Scenic Byway of Snohomish County, Washington.
Each 12 card starter trading deck has waterproof card images you will see along the trail or area focus.  We have included pertinent information specific to each image on the reverse side to complete each set.  Go ahead and include information essential to enhance your outdoor hiking experiences.

With over 30 years of hiking the Mountain Loop, Edith has gathered thousands of images of wildflowers, mushrooms, lakes, waterfalls and so much more.  Combining the information gathered on the backs of each card provides an educational aspect that was critical for her vision to materialize.  By compiling each deck with a variety of wildflowers in addition to trail specific vantage points of interest, collecting trading cards and sharing outdoor recreations enhances your hiking experience!

Collect, Trade or Hike and get to know pertinent information of the local area like, which lakes have what kinds of fish and when!  What plants to stay clear of and which berrys you can eat or are poisonous or which plants will leave a stinging or iching so you can stay clear...

Edith says ... " Come Play in Our Backyard" ...  ~ Be smart, Get smart and always Hike safe ~
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